Will Ceramic Coating fill in scratches?

If you are looking for a coating that fills in swirls and scratches, unfortunately Ceramic Coating is not for you. Ceramic Coating does not fill scratches but lays on top of paint and hardens, creating a protective layer. With being more of a preventative than a fixer, Ceramic Coating will not take away already scratched surfaces.

Some alternatives for filling in swirls and scratches are:

Paint correction: Paint correction provides vehicle owners with the ability to apply exact paint swatches to scratches, swirls and dents without having to paint the entire vehicle at once. This option allows vehicle owners to paint correct smaller areas, while avoiding costly maintenance fees.

Softer waxes: Soft waxes provide a smooth finish to vehicles looking for a shinier finish. As the soft wax moves into small cracks, swirls and dents, it fills those spaces and allows the paint to shine through.

Hard waxes: Hard waxes, similar to soft waxes, move into small crevices such as scratches, swirls and dents and harden to create a barrier. One difficulty that comes with hard waxes is that it tends to be harder to buff away if too much is added over the top of the vehicle.

Scratch fillers: Scratch filler do just that, it fills the scratches previously made in a vehicles paint. The trouble with this is that most scratch fillers do not match a vehicle's original paint job, meaning you would have to paint over the filler once dry.

New paint job: If none of the options from above seem to work, your vehicle might be in need of a new paint job. With a new paint job your vehicle will be sanded, buffed, painted and coated with a fresh layer of clear coat. Once the new paint is added, you can be sure to add Ceramic Coating to protect it from future scratches, swirls or dents.

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