What is Ceramic Coating?

A Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle, usually by hand or small brush, as it may have a thick consistency. This coating chemically bonds with a car’s factory paint job and provides a durable layer of protection.

This coating allows the vehicle to use its original paint, but provides a sturdier coat since it bonds with and does not repel the paint structures. In some cases ceramic coating is seen more as a wax alternative than a film coating because although it protects vehicles from outside debree, it does not protect it completely. A few other great characteristics that the Ceramic Coating provides are its durability and stability. Its durability provides protection against sun rays, harsh winds, dust, rainfall and other natural occurrences. Because of its stability, Ceramic Coating does not need to be reapplied every few months. With a good quality Ceramic Coating, your vehicle will be protected for years to come and you can be sure of a clear, glossy paint job.

If you are trying to decide whether Ceramic Coating is right for your vehicle, we would be glad to help you out! Here at Apollo Auto Spa, we pride ourselves with providing customers with detailed lists explaining what Ceramic Coating is, why it is an adequate solution for your vehicle’s paint life or if other coatings are recommended. We also offer financial packages and options to make sure it is most convenient for you. If you have any questions regarding Ceramic Coating or other coating options feel free to visit our office or give us a call at 1 (800) 618-5881.

We also have a Youtube Channel, where we provide insight on Ceramic Coating and show you the in’s and out’s of other services we provide. Check us out!

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