Diablo Foothills Regional Park

Located in Mount Diablo State Park, the Livorna Trailhead offers a quick and immediate access to the park. This route is filled with fascinating oak-studded grasslands and unique rock formations.
The trailheads at Castle Rock Road and Borges Ranch provide another entry to the park. It is a relatively small park but that doesn’t restrict its possibilities in the least. It sweeps across 1060 acres and, if you look around during your hike, you will notice Shell Ridge Open Space bordering it to the north and Castle Rock Regional Recreation Area on the east. Combined, the total area is a staggering 18,000 acres - a nature lover’s undisputed paradise. It is ultimately the gateway to the lush parklands of Mount Diablo State Park and The Walnut Creek open space.

While there are no especially developed facilities in the park, it is widely noted for the sweeping bird’s eye views of the San Francisco Bay Region and the striking geologic formations. The rural, earthy nature of the gently rolling grasslands is also a sight to behold. Although you might encounter a few steep segments here and there, the footing for the hike is basically effortless.

Spring is the ideal season for a visit, as both the wildflowers and wildlife are in sheer bloom. The exceptional hike begins in a wooded canyon and emerges to the apex of a blue oak-sprinkled knoll. It borders the suburbs and thrives in splendid isolation. The view from Shell Ridge at Mount Diablo is unique and you are likely to get a glimpse of the China Wall rock formation as well.

The area also offers a wide range of vegetational habitat - from wetlands and oak savanna on the hills to the oak woodlands in the valley. There are vast, open spaces in the park for activities such as bicycling, hiking, horseback riding and nature study.

You can quickly spot several species of birds - northern mockingbirds, California quail, red winged blackbirds and scrub jay. Also, trekkers often come across southern alligator lizards, western fence lizards and California Salamanders.

There are two entrances to the park - the northern and the southern staging area. The large water bodies in the area play a role in moderating the temperature, especially during the scorching summer.
The trails which straddle East Bay Park’s briones to Mt.Diablo regional trail as it enters and exits the park are noticeably ideal for dog trekking. Moreover, it’s quite easy to notice how the protected spaces are surrounded and cherished by the neighboring communities and visitors alike.

This amazing hiking trail is located near the following trails in Walnut Creek, California:

● Mount Diablo State Park
● Castle Rock Regional Recreation Area
● Shell Ridge Open Space
● Briones Regional Park
● Sycamore Valley Open Space Preserve
● Las Trampas Regional Wilderness
● Howe Homestead Park

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