2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 – Amethyst Black Metallic

2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9
Or, Evo 9!

Known for it’s soft clear, this one required a variety of knowledge to polish down to a very fine level.

As the images show, I took the engine bay apart, and removed the rims for super deep cleaning and restoration.


Custom Rupes 15 built by BuffDaddy Kevin Brown !

Rupes wool compound & polish pads
Rupes UltraFine foam polish pad
Various (secret) wool pads for orbital used on a Flex 7-12 80 machine.

Rupes DA Course
Rupes UHS Easy Gloss
Feynlab P100 Heavy Cut
Optimum Hyper Polish
Compound glass and Ceramic Coat with CS-II ClearVue glass ceramic coating.

Wheel wells and suspension cleaned with Iron-X and proprietary hard water remover (HWR).

Tires dressed with Lonestar Satin protectant.

Other rubber/plastics protected by 303 Aerospace, the legend.


Engine bay complete. Note the minimalist dressing. The cowl was removed and deeply conditioned over a 2 week period.

Starting condition of engine bay. Radiator mounts, strut bar, cowl, wipers, under hood insulation was removed and cleaned of hard water/oxidation.

Front bumper also removed for deeper polishing, painting vents and installing a new radiator fan. Surprisingly the old lost it’s fan blade and did NOT damage the radiator in the process!

Chasing threads.

Starting condition of hood after sprayers removed.

Hard water is a devious situation with a hot turbo underneath.

First cuts. Still a long way to go into strong, clean clear.

Machine polishing the specialty wax.

Wing required removal, underside had remaining sanding scratches from the repaint shown in photos below.