CS-II Titanium

world-class paint protection
CS-II manufactures high quality coatings and detailing products to enhance the finish of your vehicles. We make your paint look deeper, richer, and more glossy than it ever has before. Our top of the line coatings are Ceramic and Titanium and both will yield super glossy protection from 3 to 5 plus years. We have specific coatings for wheels to protect against brake dust, windshield glass, plastic surfaces, convertible tops, interior leathers and fabrics. We also have an extensive line of products designed for optimal prep of the vehicles for the professional applicator of our products.

No more waxing or polishing for years!
Long lasting, easy to clean surface.
Anti-dirt / graffiti.
Self-cleaning effect
Permanent protection.

CS-II Titanium Paint Protection

Vehicle owners are always looking for the optimum solution to ensure that their vehicles pop and look like new. CS-II is the best solution for protecting and sealing your vehicle.

Why Consider CS-II Titanium ?

Next to your home, your vehicle will likely be your second largest investment so it makes sense to want to protect and preserve it as best as possible from high temperatures, UV damage, and air pollutants damaging your car’s exterior.
Paint is vulnerable to external environment factors
Other things that make paint thin and corrode are washing, cutting, polishing, weather, and UV rays, among others. Due all the various elements, a weather worn and damaged paint surface will devalue the vehicle and affect its beauty. Getting a new paint job then becomes a necessity under these conditions and that means spendings lots of $$$.
Best in Protecting Against Damage to Paint
Once a car exits the assembly plant, its paint is subjected to harsh conditions. Through regular use, it will endure scratches from flying debris and other environmental factors. Bugs, tree sap, bee poop, acid rain and bird droppings wear away the car paint through chemical reactions. In order to remove the above surface contaminants one should clean the car regularly, but frequent cleaning without proper protection on the paint will cause the paint to thin and wear.
CS-II’s Titanium Coating is the best form of protection against such damage to paint. It was developed and made to protect the sensitive paint from all forms of contaminants. Ultimately, it adds more hardness over the factory clear coat with incredible gloss and richness which results in your vehicle looking better and newer for a longer period of time.

Titanium Nanometal Titanium Permanent Coating is our top of the line product. The liquid turns into a 9H (pencil hardness) glass film when applied onto the surface. CS-II Titanium makes a thin protective layer which is superior in adhesive strength. With a high resistance to abrasion, it will not deteriorate with age and protects against further corrosion. Titanium Nanometal also produces a high gloss effect which maximizes the rate of reflected light, creating a new car shine.

This coating cannot be removed by washing or using harsh soaps or cleaners, once cured it needs to be removed through machine polishing. The paint on the car’s surface will maintain its natural and flexible exterior with temperature changes like no other productive.
CS-II Glass Coating
A modern, CS-II product. This new product will give shine to your car like never before. Our CS-II Glass Coating, designed by careful testing that won't disappoint you.

The Benefit of CS-II Glass Coating:
Hardens to form a protective shield.
Spray-on technology allows for easy application.
Clear-coat safe.
Improves paint hardness by at least 20%.
Anti-acids and anti-salts.
High gloss and mirror-finish effects.
Hydrophobic; water-repelling.
Dirt-deflecting, keeping paint clean longer.
Easy to clean.
Weather protection for a long lasting shine against UV and other elements.
Anti corrosive.
No need for waxing!

Research Involved:

With the new nanotechnology, our research team at CS-II has carried out large amounts of research and development on various surface treatments. We decided to create a company that could do amazing things with paint.

The defense against Nano paint is the culmination of that effort. Our CS-II Glass Coating is a special nanotechnology product which has a long-term impact on painted surfaces such as plastic trimming, glass, wheels and more. This is not just a sealer which forms a surface barrier. It is, rather, a molecular-level alteration of surface chemistry to provide a permanent, easy to clean, and safe surface. It ensures that it is not just a paste that can be washed away but a substance that sticks to the surface.
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Coating Descriptions

CS-II Clear Vue: Glass coating is a treatment for glass safety that provides a transparent, water-repellent, non-stick barrier to protect a variety of surfaces such as glass.

CS-II Aqua: Instead of wax, Aqua shines and covers the vehicle with layers of Silica Glass and Silicone Resin. Aqua creates a smooth finish which repels droppings and dirt from animals. Use water and soap, you can quickly clean the dirt and grime every day. Glass is a strong barrier to acid rain, sea salt, road salt, and other chemical substances.

CS-II Stage 2 Coating: Durations 18-24 months, and is the perfect entry level surface for customers new to or on a budget. No 18-24 months waxing is required. Once our paint safety product is applied, there will be no efffect to the coating from any acid rain, bird droppings or tree sap.

CS-II Ceramic Coating: A semi-permanent ceramic coating that needs only a single, thin coating and that provides long-term shine and protection. Your car will repel water and pollutants like a lotus leaf if treated with CS-II Ceramic Coating and will retain a transparent, reflective, showroom-like shine. No water, alkaline or other detergents or pressure washers may strip ceramic coating.

CS-II Titanium Coating: The best titanium-coating car on the planet. Of vehicle surfaces it uses the next generation of protective coating. The extremely durable crystal coat serves as a protective armor against acid rain, droppings of animals, road film, tar and harmful UV rays. This maintains the paint's luster and shine on your car with the best hardness rating (9h) while its adhesive ability can reduce the appearance of light scratches. The paint is therefore preserved, and given a longer life cycle. Another significant advantage of Titanium Coating is that it provides a dark, rich gloss and finish. In the end this makes the vehicle's potential washing faster and easier!

Our Protection Plans


CS-II Titanium – 2 Layers
Ceramic Pro – 5 Layers


CS-II Ceramic – 1 Layer
Ceramic Pro – 2 Layers


CS-II B268 – 1 Layer
Ceramic Pro Light – 1 Layer
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